Man Took A Photo Of Old Asylum – When He Saw What Was Staring Back From Window? HORROR!

Man Took A Photo Of Old Asylum – When He Saw What Was Staring Back From Window? HORROR!

Whether or not you believe in spirits, you have to admit this is really creepy!

Unless it’s a really elaborate prank, in which case, well played.


From Mad World News:

A man was walking around the outside of an old mental health asylum when the unexpected happened. Unfortunately, his relaxing stroll took a turn for the worse when he took a photo of the building and was left terrified when he saw what was in one of the windows.

Adam Smith was taking some pictures during a relaxing walk, enjoying a few moments of peace. However, after taking a few photos of the former psychiatric hospital in Bronllys, Brecon, Wales, he glanced at one of the pictures and was left feeling a little freaked out.

The picture depicts a “shadowy figure looking from the [second story] window of the former psychiatric hospital — despite it being closed for more than 15 years,” according to The Sun. The creepy manifestation is chilling to look at, as it appears to be looking directly in Adam’s direction.


“I caught an epic shot of a ghost at the abandoned Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum,” Adam said, according to Daily Mail. “Whatever it was, it certainly gave me a fright.”

After doing a bit of research, Adam discovered that the asylum had also been a Prisoner of War camp in World War II. It is believed to be an area where captured German soldiers were contained. The building only became a containment camp after the asylum closed. It was shut down for good since 1999.

“Maybe it was a patient who had a lobotomy or perhaps a soldier patient from the war or maybe a Nazi prisoner,” Adam explained. “Since I uploaded the post it went viral.” However, since the post has went viral, he has been asked to remove it, considering there were hordes of people turning up at the hospital searching for “the ghost.”

That’s either a very convincing photoshop job or a really good reason for me to stay away from abandoned asylums.

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