Meet the Man Who Didn’t Brush His Teeth For 20 Years – You Might Be Shocked! [VIDEO]

Meet the Man Who Didn’t Brush His Teeth For 20 Years – You Might Be Shocked! [VIDEO]

There are basic rules of hygiene that most people grow up knowing to follow… shower, brush your teeth, wear deodorant. But one British man evidently didn’t get the message. He went 20 whopping years without ever brushing or flossing his teeth. And what he looks like now is truly shocking.

Jay is a 21 year-old man who says his parents never emphasized the importance of oral hygiene. His teeth ultimately became so bad that he needed massive dental repairs. He was featured on the British reality show “Embarrassing Bodies,” where he told his story and revealed how his teeth were holding him back from having a successful career.

“I’d like to work in sports or physiotherapy, but because of my teeth it doesn’t really feel right,” he explained. “I feel embarrassed to tell somebody how to look out for themselves when I haven’t really taken care of my teeth.” Jay also said that he had a fear of going to the dentist, but fought the fear to fix his smile. But it was a long road.

First, Dr. James Russell had to give Jay a serious cleaning, as his teeth had years of tartar and plaque built up. Fortunately, the roots and bones of his mouth were still healthy, but 11 of his teeth were so diseased that they had to be removed. Jay would need implants, but Dr. Russell had some stipulations before he would move forward.

“It’s sort of, change your lifestyle time,” Dr. Russell said. “Cut down on the fizzy drinks, or just stop. Cut down on the sweets, start brushing your teeth, start trying to floss – especially once we’ve got things cleaned.”

Jay promised to make the necessary changes, and his smile was completely transformed.

Thanks to his new smile, Jay says that he now has the confidence he never had before. “I’m a much more happier person,” he said. “I’m definitely going forward to fulfill my dreams.” And he’s taking the lifestyle change seriously — he even bought himself a brand-new electric toothbrush.

You can see the segment here:

Can you believe this incredible transformation?

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