Misgender A Transexual In NYC? That’s A $250,000 Fine

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

(Breitbart) Did you call a transsexual person “he” or “she” when they preferred to be called “zhe?” According to a newly updated anti-discrimination law in New York City, you could be fined an eye-watering $250,000.

In the latest, astonishing act of draconian political correctness, the NYC Commission on Human Rights have updated a law on “Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression” to threaten staggering financial penalties against property owners who “misgender” employees or tenants.

Incidents that are deemed “willful and malicious” will see property owners face up to $250,000 in fines, while standard violations of the law will result in a $125,000 fine. For small business owners, these sums are crippling.

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Got that? Use the wrong pronoun towards one of these confused individuals, which includes things like “ze” and “hir”, and you, as a property or business owner could be smacked with a huge fine. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama pardoned 97 “drug” offenders, many of whom pleaded down from violent crimes to non-violent felonies. One felon was a bank robber. Another was a felon who was busted in possession of a firearm. Many of them were drug dealers.

Other violations of the law include refusing to allow individuals to use single-sex facilities such as bathrooms that are “consistent with their gender identity,” failing to provide employee health benefits for “gender-affirming care” and “imposing different uniforms or grooming standards based on sex or gender.”

NYC is basically trying to turn the city’s businesses into drag shows. These are the kinds of things Democrats are Very Worried about. ISIS schmisis, forget about the danger from radical Islam. Someone used the wrong, well, wrong in the mind of a seriously confused individual, pronoun! Off with their heads!

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