Moonbat Wants to Shrink Humans to Under 20 Inches

Nothing could be more emblematic of liberalism than the desire to shrink the stature of the human race literally:

For much of the history of humankind, bigger has been better.

As our ancestors got taller, they became faster and stronger, giving them the ability to better hunt food and avoid predators.

But in a world where we no longer need to fight for our meals, our height offers no real advantage.

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In fact, if we could shrink our size down to just 50cm [19.685 inches], we would need only two to five per cent of the resources required by an average-sized human.

That’s according to the calculations of 6′ 4′ Dutch artist, Arne Hendriks, who says that the planet’s growing population – currently at seven billion – is unsustainable.

‘I have some bad news for you,’ he told a TEDxBrainport in 2012. ‘You’re not short enough.’

He says being tall is no longer ‘a desired result in an age of increasing scarcity’.

Supposedly increasing scarcity has been the rallying cry of utopian moonbats going back to Malthus. Meanwhile, it is abundance that has increased due to technological developments.

People have been growing taller mainly as a result of the agricultural, sanitational, and other various blessings bestowed upon the world by Western Civilization. But progressive ideology calls for Western Civilization to be eradicated, and for its blessings to be reversed.

An added advantage of shrinking humans down to the size of chickens is that our brains would be much smaller, potentially rendering us more susceptible to liberal ideology.

Hendriks says that it may be scientifically possible to cook up some type of elixir that will slow growth. Another way to do this would be to tweak our DNA, he adds.

Hendricks claims that his scheme — which is far more sinister than anything James Bond has stopped SPECTRE from inflicting — may be the only option to save the planet from the existence of humanity.

Hendriks would hit it off great with New York University professor Matthew Liao, who wants to use “treatments” that would cause people to be smaller from birth. Liao also wants to induce an allergy to meat, and even to suppress testosterone, the latter explicitly to make us more liberal.

Another utopian vision from the moonbat masterminds.

On a tip from Brian H. Hat tip: De Zeen. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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