Mother & Daughter Trapped in Car Crushed by Falling Tree Were Furious When Bystanders Did This

Mother & Daughter Trapped in Car Crushed by Falling Tree Were Furious When Bystanders Did This

Rubbernecking when there’s been a car accident is not an unusual occurrence. But when this mother and daughter were trapped in their car after a falling tree crushed the vehicle, what bystanders did will make you sick.


A terrified mother and daughter screamed for help after their car crashed into a tree but instead of rushing to their aid, callous bystanders got out their phones and took pictures.

Susan McKay, 49, and her daughter Terrilee Hope, 25, feared for their lives after strong winds blew a tree onto their car in Ferryhill, County Durham.

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The pair were trapped in the Nissan Note for half an hour and were horrified to see that people decided to whip out their phones rather than free them.

Thankfully a kind natured bus driver came to their aid and kept them calm until emergency services arrived.

However, mother-of-three Ms McKay, is still furious and said it was ‘disgraceful’ that bystanders took pictures instead of ringing 999.

She said: ‘I was screaming and panicking, I was trapped by the steering column and the tree brought power lines down onto my daughter’s side of the car.

‘We couldn’t get free, and I was thinking our number was up, but people were gawping at us.

‘There were people I recognised and others had gone out of their way after hearing about it to come and look, to get pictures.

‘It is disgraceful and disgusting. If it was their mother or daughter would they like their pictures taken?

‘I was angry, I was screaming at them, telling them if they’re not going to help they get away and stop it.

‘They were getting out of their cars, walking down to take photos and getting back into their cars.

‘It is not right, it is disgusting. I believe the police should be able to charge these people.

‘I wanted them to ring 999, they wouldn’t. They were more interested in taking pictures and videos.

‘I don’t know what they were going to do with it. They would have been on Facebook.’

… Ms McKay said: ‘I remember seeing the tree and it looked like it was blowing in the wind.

‘It wiped the whole of the front of the car out. There was nothing left of the car.

‘If I had gone a little bit forward it would have landed on the roof and we would have died.

‘I did brake, I put the emergency stop on but the car skidded into the tree. I thought we were going to die and my kids weren’t going to see me again.

‘My concern was for Terrilee. The power cable came down and on her side.

‘I just wanted to get her to safety before myself.

… Sergeant Paul Cording, from North Yorkshire Police, said: ‘The amount of people driving past photographing and videoing the scene – just don’t do it.

‘My colleagues have been taking registration numbers which are on the log and they will be getting Notices of Intended Prosecution through the post – it’s ridiculous.’

How is it that people can do something like this, can see people trapped and hear them screaming for help, yet do nothing but take pictures? Is this the world we live in now?

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