NBC: Forget The Gun, Keep Wasp Spray By Your Bed For Home Defense

And your car keys

(The Blaze) According to FBI crime statistics quoted by NBC’s TODAY Show, home invasions in America are happening at the alarming rate of 135 per day.

That frightening fact combined with some recent, high profile invasions at the homes of Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock and NBA star Ray Allen prompted reporter Jeff Rossen to produce a segment titled,  “How to protect your family from home invasion.”

For a large part of the four-minute story, Rossen spoke with Wallace Zeins, a retired NYPD detective and former hostage negotiator. The law enforcement veteran shared his tips for thwarting home invasions. However, many Blaze readers will notice something missing from the segment. This would also be something they consider the first and best option for dealing with intruders — firearms.

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Guns are never mentioned. They didn’t even bother with Crazy Joe Biden’s advise to “buy a shotgun” which can be fired through the door. Of course, firing a double barrel shotgun through your door when the intruders are already inside means you’re shotgun is empty and now you have to replace your door. OK, moving on

What tips did NBC’s segment give viewers to block the bad guys?

  • Car keys
  • Wasp Spray

How can car keys keep you safe? The former NYPD detective suggested keeping car keys on the night stand for easy access to an alarm. In case you hear someone breaking in, Zeins advises pushing the alarm button on the key fob. He did not mention a solution for high-rise apartment dwellers or those who their park cars beyond the normal range of the key fob transmitter (some of these key fob remotes become useless beyond 20-30 feet).

The wasp spray was portrayed as being as effective as pepper spray. Alas, it’s not. It’s also illegal to use in such a manner per federal law. And, you’ll probably get a good dose because the spray is generally more diffuse than pepper spray. And it contains neurotoxins. Which you shouldn’t breath.

Oh, there is a third idea

Should a beeping car alarm or wasp spray fail to prevent a home invasion, the NBC report suggests being polite and directing the bad guys to your cash and valuables. The former detective told Rossen, “You want to treat them like royalty.” He added, “On top of that, you don’t want to lie to them.”

That should do it.

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