New fighting craze is spreading in schools across the nation. Is your child involved in this? [VIDEO]

New fighting craze is spreading in schools across the nation. Is your child involved in this? [VIDEO]

Oh boy. The latest dumb teenager craze will have you asking yourself if this is really the next generation we can count on to lead America. Sadly, the answer is still yes, but you can do your part by nipping this in the bud for any teens that you know:


Some Buckhead parents are alarmed to see videos of students at Sutton Middle School punching, pummeling and violently kicking one another at Sutton Middle School.

It’s a phenomenon educators say is a nationwide internet trend; some pre-teens call it “15 second fighting.” In other schools in other cities there are similar trends known as “10 Second Fighting,” “30 Second Fighting,” and “Fight Club.”

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Parents who recently found videos on their children’s cell phones were shocked. “This is a complete outrage. Parents need to be made aware,” said one local parent.

Students tell 11Alive’s Valerie Hoff the 15-second fights are often the results of disputes or bullying. Valerie viewed 8 of the videos with some parents who didn’t want to be identified.

The videos are taped in classrooms, restrooms and even on the car pool line where parents pick up their students after school. In one video, students screamed for a boy to stop beating another boy but the aggressor continued.

“I think there should be zero tolerance and these children should be expelled, they don’t need to be at this school,” one concerned parent who didn’t want to be identified said.

Atlanta Public School Administrators declined our request for an interview. Instead they released a statement that said statement that reads in part, “Sutton Middle School does not condone this type of behavior. These incidents occurred over a five day period and each case was handled per district policies and procedures. Disciplinary action was taken and the school’s administration was in communication with all parents and students impacted. ”

Some parents contend a note should have gone home warning them about the videotaped fighting.

Honestly, I am surprised that there is 15 seconds of fighting allowed. Vines are only 6 seconds and snapchats only allow for a 10 second video. I don’t see where the kids are getting any benefit from sharing on social media. Either way, it’s stupid as heck, and they need to knock this crap off at school. Try learning something.

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