New York May Require Licenses And Insurance For….Bikes?

As much as the backers of the legislation attempt to paint this as Something Good for those who ride bikes, it’s nothing more than a way to control people and raise revenue

This afternoon, Gothamist points us to a proposal by assemblyman Michael DenDekker, a Democrat from Queens, which would require by law that every bicycle — not just in New York City, but in New York state — have a license plate, to be re-registered every year only after an inspection of the bike. A second bill, also in the works, would make it so every rider must be insured and carry identification. The enforcement would mean about $1,875,000 for New York, plus $375,000 every additional year in fees. But that’s not the point, lawmakers insist.

Granted, this is exactly the type of power granted to the States, and, this is actually commerce. You buy a bike, and they can force you to purchase insurance, just like with a car, unlike forcing you to purchase health insurance for simply being born an American. But, still, this is just idiotic. A license plate? Register the bike every year? Get the bike inspected? Absurd.

“the annual registration of personal bicycles and provides for a license plate fee of twenty-five dollars for the first year and five dollars for every year thereafter.” To get the license plate, cyclists would need to get their bicycles inspected to make sure they “conform to the lamp and equipment requirements.”

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Good thing New Yorkers have big Nanny Government looking out for them, to make sure they have the proper bicycle lights (probably ones which put out very little CO2). Read the rest of the story for astonished amusement, with quotes from Democrats who try to pretty it up as some sort of civil safety issue.

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