Newly-Discovered Time Capsule Made EERILY Accurate Prediction About Future

Newly-Discovered Time Capsule Made EERILY Accurate Prediction About Future

Before 9/11, not many people were aware that Islamic terrorism would become the threat that we’re all very aware of now. But a few people were seemingly able to predict the future — like one Australian man, whose recently discovered time capsule had some strangely accurate predictions.

Greg Wilkinson wrote a letter of what he thought life would be like in 2060 and then hid it in his bathroom wall along with a picture of himself with his wife, Roslyn Green, on their wedding day. The letter was written on April 15, 1995 and was discovered when tradesman Sasha Ilic was renovating the house.

In the letter, Wilkinson foresaw the conflict with Islamic terrorists, long before 9/11 or the rise of ISIS. “Islam will become the next ideological problem, sparking an equal and opposite reaction plunging large parts of the globe into a ridiculous ‘Holy War’,” he wrote. The conflict would only end once “both sides realise that if this is what their God wants, then there probably isn’t one after all.”

But it wasn’t just Islam that Wilkinson saw coming as a threat. His letter also narrowed in on China, warning that it would become a “world economic superpower” and wrote that “Australia could become their target.” He encouraged his fellow Australians to begin learning the Chinese language and culture.

Wilkinson is now 61 and at the time the letter was written, was expecting a baby boy with his wife. Sadly, Roslyn would die from breast cancer just two years later — and the resurgence of the letter has been an emotional experience for him. “I feel quiet emotional having seen (the letter),” he said. “All that water under the bridge for me and the world… my beautiful Ros looking back at me from the past.”

Do you think you could predict what the future will be like in 40 years?

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