NJ police texted fellow officer’s wife begging for sex because his wife was messed “up since chemo”

NJ police texted fellow officer’s wife begging for sex because his wife was messed “up since chemo”

This is absolutely AWFUL! This man doesn’t DESERVE his wife, and she CERTAINLY doesn’t need to take this crap while she’s battling such a vicious disease.


From The Daily Mail:

A police chief and 25-year veteran begged a fellow cop’s wife for sex with explicit text messages while his own wife was going through chemotherapy, according to a lawsuit.

Kenneth Hartman, head of Far Hills Police Department in New Jersey, allegedly sent 22 graphic messages to Officer Jason Shanaphy’s wife in just 45 minutes on August 20, 2014.

And it came just six years after he allegedly tried to solicit Shanaphy’s first wife as they were finalizing their divorce.

‘Please do not tell. Have wanted to text you because I want to have sex with you,’ one of the first messages read at 10.22pm, according to court papers seen by My Central Jersey.

‘Alone. Want to kiss you. Slow sexy. Slow touches. Move over you,’ he continued.

‘One time just you and me. One time. Darkness. Touching. Kissing. Being naughty. You and me,’ read another.

According to the papers, Shanaphy’s wife only responds once to say: ‘Stop f***ing around.’

But Hartman allegedly pursued: ‘No f–king around. Have thought about texting you for over a year. Want to have sex with you. I’m serious.’

Astonishingly, the texts even make reference to his wife’s cancer.

‘Please. Understand [wife’s name]’s f***ed up since chemo. I’m serious. You drive me crazy. Totally understand if you hate me now. Super sexy. Good night.’

He then writes: ‘Please don’t ignore me.’

He adds: ‘I do know you love Jason. I also know we have desires. I’m completely trustworthy. I will not say anything. I like you. Period.

‘I love [wife’s name]. But we both know we are missing passion in our marraiges (sic).’

Despite his unerring persistence, the sender is conscious that these texts could get him into trouble.

‘Please please delete,’ he writes at 10.50pm.

At 11.01pm, after no reply, he says: ‘Ok you have to delete. Omg.’

Then the last message, at 11.03pm: ‘Text me one last time. Don’t ignore me.’

Operation Desert Storm veteran Shanaphy, 44, reported the alleged harassment to his manager Corporal Michael DeCarolis.

Hartman confessed to sending the messages, apologized and the complaint was dropped, according to My Central Jersey. He then retired in May and DeCarolis was appointed police chief.

But now, the texts have been released in a lawsuit because Shanaphy claims he was unjustly demoted to patrolman after making his complaint. He also believes DeCarolis was prematurely promoted.

The lawsuit states: ‘The chief’s actions toward Officer Shanaphy and his wife constitute a serious abuse of his public office.

‘The demand for sexual favors of a subordinate officer’s spouse and accompanying implied threat of adverse treatment of a subordinate employee in the workplace if the demand was not met are the equivalent of quid pro quo sexual harassment, which is prohibited by the Law Against Discrimination.’

It adds that the graphic messages to Shanaphy’s wife ‘is not an isolated instance of such conduct toward spouses or romantic partners of employees and other representatives of the borough.’

This is an absolutely disgusting story and it’s only going to get worse the longer it goes on. Thankfully the officer’s wife didn’t delete those messages.

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