NY Times Is Rather Upset That Girls Are Used To Fight The Gender Confused Push

This is one of the lead opinion pieces in the NY Times today, and is proof that those highlighting that girls and women are being negatively affected by the transgender push, especially in schools. Writer Alexandra Brodsky seems a bit upset

Don’t Use Girls as Props to Fight Trans Rights

Last month, a Minnesota federal court received a complaint about rampant gender discrimination in one of the state’s school districts. The lawsuit claimed that girls were subject to harassment, barred from participating in athletics, and forced to transfer schools rather than tolerate a hostile environment.

It seems like the sort of case that feminist warriors, like my colleagues at the National Women’s Law Center, might bring. But the plaintiffs’ lawyers come from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative nonprofit organization that is elsewhere suing the federal government to stop it from protecting transgender students’ rights. The discrimination noted in the lawsuit stemmed from the presence of a transgender girl in the girls’ locker room.

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See, the problem here (one of them) for Social Justice Warrior Alexandra is who is protecting these female children, not that they were exposed to a deviant, nor that they were having their privacy violated on multiple occasions. One would think that female groups would rush to the aid of these girls. Unfortunately, the Progressives have decided that the so-called rights of the gender confused are More Important than those of females, much as they’d deemed that radical Islam must be protected over the rights of women.

In the Minnesota lawsuit, Privacy Matters v. U.S. Department of Education, the A.D.F. attempts to tell a tale of gender-bending terror. Instead, the complaint reads, heartbreakingly, as the story of a transgender girl acting like any other girl — dancing in the locker room, expressing insecurities about her body — in the face of rejection by her peers.

And Ms. Brodsky will lie to make her case. It was a whole lot different than she describes, and her peers? Yeah, they were real girls, who didn’t appreciate all that this boy pretending to be a girl was doing.

The lawsuit celebrates the “fundamental right of bodily privacy,” which, the complaint argues, “is deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and tradition and has long been recognized in the United States Constitution.”

Can you not read the sneering in that, especially in light of the preceding paragraphs? Suddenly, privacy rights for all people, especially women, must be dismissed in favor of letting the gender confused, and those pretending, do whatever they want

The focus on privacy marks a shift in anti-trans strategy. Earlier efforts, like North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which limited bathroom access, relied on a dangerous myth that prohibiting discrimination against transgender people would allow predatory men to enter women’s restrooms. That approach is giving way to a new focus on privacy — narrowly defined to include only non-transgender women and girls.

See? Privacy for real females is silly! And, damnitall, how dare those big meanies on the Right mention privacy! Only liberals are allowed to do this, and only when it comes to abortion on demand!

The claim depends on the belief that transgender girls are actually boys.

They are boys. It’s great how liberals tell us that they are the party of Science, yet fail basic biology.

The organization bringing the suit sees no problem in the girls’ locker room if there are no transgender girls present. But the fake-feminist privacy argument is apparently more tolerable to liberal minds — and perhaps more dangerous for that reason.

Privacy rights are now fake? How about that.

When schools fail to value female athletes, or punish girls for “unladylike” outfits, they reinforce narrow visions of what makes a good woman. The same thing happens when they tell a girl she has to change in a different locker room solely because she is transgender.

Not a girl. Boy. And real girls? Meet the liberals big bus.

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