NY Times Seems Rather Upset By Judges TG School Ruling

If you’ll remember back a few days, a federal judge has placed a block on Obama’s directive that schools allow little boys and girls who feel that they are the opposite sex to use whatever bathroom and locker room they want. The NY Times Editorial Board finally gets around to tell us they are Very Upset

More Attacks On Transgender Rights

Judge O’Connor on Sunday issued a preliminary injunction that prohibits the Education Department from enforcing its guidelines nationwide. In a 38-page order, he barred the federal government from taking enforcement action against discriminatory policies or practices.

The ruling, which the Justice Department is expected to appeal, may lead educators around the country to question whether they need to follow the Education Department’s transgender guidelines as the new school year starts. They would be wrong not to; the rules provide a common-sense approach that makes harassment and stigmatization of transgender students less likely.

These legal assaults on equal protection for transgender Americans are based on bigotry and the specious claim that they pose a threat to the safety of others. The toll exacted on this vulnerable population is heavy and will remain so as these cases and other litigation involving transgender laws move through the courts.

In Liberal World, wanting privacy from being forced to expose your body to people of the opposite biological sex is now considered bigotry. Little girls not wanting to be naked or near naked around biological boys and men is considered bigotry. Funny how Liberals scream about “my body my choice” when it comes to abortion on demand, then turn around and demand that females of all ages be exposed to penis in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms with no say in the matter.

See, though, it doesn’t stop there. They demand that the gender confused be allowed to use a chosen pronoun. It’s not just calling boys “her” and girls “him”. Or even “they”. Oh, no, these raving wackjobs have come up with a wide range of terms, like ze, zir, Xe, Xem, hir, and so many more

Seriously, it gets even wackier. I wonder what the policies are at the NY Times building. Do the ladies get very upset when an obvious biological male uses the lady’s room? Is this allowed?

Of course, being Liberal World, the gender confusion doesn’t stop with this stuff

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This applies to locker rooms, showers, playing on the opposite biological sex sports team, housing, and “other sex-specific activities”. So, anyone can declare they’re gender confused and just head into the showers, etc. of the opposite biological sex for a quick peek and such whenever they want.

We joke about liberalism being a mental disease. That’s coming true, and they’re spreading their insanity and deviancy to everyone, and often by government mandate.

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