Paul Krugman: There’s A “Virtual Blackout” On Wisconsin News Coverage

No, seriously, and it gives him “That Iraq Feeling

I don’t watch cable news, or actually any kind of TV news. But I gather that there’s a virtual blackout on the huge demonstrations in Wisconsin, except on Fox, which portrays them as thuggish and violent.

So, wait, wait, he doesn’t watch any TV news, yet, he “feels” that there’s a virtual blackout (except on Fox), because of a post at Digsby (the link he offers up as “proof”)? BTW, Paul, it’s not just Fox which has highlighted the violent and un-civil rhetoric and actions of the protesters. Many outlets have. Except the NY Times, which chooses to avoid highlighting what is going on by your lefty peeps.

But, wait, it. Gets. Better

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What that makes me think of is January-February 2003, when anyone watching cable news would have believed that only a few kooks were opposed to the imminent invasion of Iraq. It was quite spooky, realizing that hundreds of thousands of people could march through New York, and by tacit agreement be ignored by news networks whose headquarters were just a few blocks away.

And it’s even more spooky to see it happening all over again.

Really? Perhaps you should have actually watched the TV news in 2003, Paul: You might have seen the huge protests. Of course, he is referring to Fox News, which, BTW, showed the protests. They also gave a platform for many anti-war liberals, like Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Martin Sheen.

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