Photos Of Half-Naked IKEA Customer Go Viral, Spark Debate (Photos)

Photos Of Half-Naked IKEA Customer Go Viral, Spark Debate (Photos)

When people go out in public, there’s a general expectation that people will dress appropriately. Everything should be covered, clothes shouldn’t have vulgar messages or pictures on them — it’s pretty basic. So, when this woman went shopping in Ikea half-naked, it wasn’t surprising that the pictures would go viral.

The pictures were first posted on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and show a woman shopping in a Beijing Ikea earlier this summer. She was wearing a grey dress, which would ordinarily be completely inoffensive. But this woman had the dress hiked up around her waist, while wearing nothing underneath.

“I finally know why people in Beijing love shopping in IKEA,” the Weibo user wrote.

Eagle eyed Weibo users were able to determine that the incident took place in an Ikea by spotting the yellow bags and signs throughout the store. But Ikea, surprisingly, denies that the incident ever took place and reported it to police. “We also hope that all consumers observe social morality and maintain social justice and social order,” Ikea wrote in a statement in response to the viral photos.

Weibo then removed the photos after Beijing police demanded that the post be taken down. But some believe that the entire controversy was a set-up to promote the Beijing Ikea.

“[Is IKEA] trying to use this to cover the fact that their chests of drawers have not been recalled in China?” one person wrote. Another added that it would be easy to find out the truth, writing, “This is a public place and it was in Beijing. It would be very easy to find out the truth because all stores and roads have surveillance cameras.” Many people slammed the woman for the stunt, with one Weibo user writing, “Some people can do crazy things in order to be famous.”

What do you think about these photos?

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