Terrifying Dashcam Footage Captures Cali Motorist Out-Driving Flash Flood That Surrounds His Car

Terrifying Dashcam Footage Captures Cali Motorist Out-Driving Flash Flood That Surrounds His Car

Flash floods are a terrifying thing to experience and can kill in an instant. If you think driving during a flash-flood warning is okay, watch this video.


From The Daily Mail:

Thanks to an intense El Niño, San Diego has seen flash flooding for most of the week. One driver reportedly managed to capture his intense escape from a sudden torrent of water cascading across the Highway 23 between Fillmore and Moorpark, California on Wednesday.

Mark Chagaris uploaded video to YouTube of the terrifying flash flood – and while it’s unclear if he was the driver who captured the chilling scene on the dashboard cam – what is clear is that the surge of water was definitely dangerous.

The canny driver manages to reverse course and back quickly away from the muddy surge, which flush wave after wave of water over the road as his windshield wipers go full blast.

‘Mother Nature Speaks Loudly’ Chagaris captioned the video, which has so far received almost 250,000 views. This year’s California El Niño is so intense that it’s been nicknamed ‘Darth Niño.’

At least the driver was prudent and didn’t tempt Mother Nature by trying to drive through the small tsunami.

Also on Wednesday, a driver in San Diego attempted to take on a flooded road by driving through the waters in his $200,000 white Lamborghini.

He became almost completely submerged but managed to escape.

The region was expected to began drying out on Friday before another round of light rain moved into California over the weekend. More El Niño storms are forecast over the next several months. 

Watch the video below:

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Please please PLEASE be careful when driving in a known flash flood zone. There is no place that you have to be that is worth your life.

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