Things That Make Liberals Upset: Ivanka Trump Sitting At POTUS Desk

Things That Make Liberals Upset: Ivanka Trump Sitting At POTUS Desk


See, the problem here is that Ivankia is the Wrong Type Of Woman, according to Liberal World, per CBS News, which goes all Twitchy with their use of tweets

The horror!

Some objected to the imageor used it to criticize Ivanka.

“The Oval Office should not be a prop for the president’s daughter,” one user tweeted.

“You have no business in the White House,” posted another. “Our country is not run on nepotism.”

Those are from tweets that are embedded at the article. There are plenty more in response under her tweet. And, plenty in support, as well. But, we also get this in the CBS comments

  • How embarrassing. Just awful, he is so creepy, sleazy and imbecilic. And SO into his own daughter, it just makes you absolutely shudder. The only people pretending not to notice that are completely into their OWN daughters or sons in the good old trailer trash fashion, a game the whole trailer trash family can play.
  • Notice how Trudeau is straining to avoid touching anything
  • Trumpski is not only a liar, a bully, and stupid, but he’s got no class at all. Not a bit. Nada. It’s nice that Canada has a leader they don’t have to be ashamed of .
  • That was the first picture, the other pictures she is lying naked on the desk, Donald Trump lost a bet. I guess that’s his latest executive order
  • No need for her to test if she fits under the desk…we already know there’s plenty of room because Kellyanne and Bannon both fit at the same time.

And even more.

CBS was nice enough to point out that Obama had people sit at the desk, including children. It’s no big deal. But, liberals gotta liberal.

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