For Three Months, This Came Out In Her Urine & She Did Nothing

For Three Months, This Came Out In Her Urine & She Did Nothing

If you were urinating worms, and had extreme pain every time you went to the restroom, chances are, you’d see a doctor. But not one woman — she went three months with these symptoms, and then doctors made a sickening diagnosis once she finally went in.

urine sample

From the Daily Mail:

The 50-year-old came to hospital complaining that for the past three months she had been passing worms when she went to the toilet.

She was also finding urinating extremely painful and suffering from pain in her side.

Describing her case in the journal BMJ Case Reports, doctors asked her to perform a urine sample.

This revealed multiple small, dark, 0.5cm long larvae clear to naked eye.

Further testing revealed the larvae were not technically worms but belonged to the Dipteria species of fly, known to cause a condition called myasis.

The patient, from South Carolina, was diagnosed immediately with urinary myasis, where a fly lays its eggs in the body and worms infest the urinary tract.

Urinary myasis is generally caught when people drink water sources contaminated with fly eggs.

How could someone urinate worms for months on end without going to a doctor? Talk about crazy!

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