Today’s NY Times Conniption Fit: Trump’s Allowing Mattis To Set Troop Levels In Afghanistan

Today’s NY Times Conniption Fit: Trump’s Allowing Mattis To Set Troop Levels In Afghanistan

Having been beaten senseless over their idiotic editorial which eroneously blamed Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting, the NY Times shifts away to a several days old story and sees a Horrid Dereliction Of Duty!!!!!!!!!!1!!!! which starts out in a facepalm inducing manner (graphic is from the actual article)

Mr. Trump, Afghanistan Is Your War Now

President Trump was typically self-absorbed in his tweet on Wednesday celebrating the 242nd birthday of the United States Army. “Proud to be your commander-in-chief,” he proclaimed to the soldiers.

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Um, what? Really? This is self absorbed?

That said, where was the NY Times Editorial Board on this?

As we’re all aware, Obama was constantly inserting himself into everything, making it all about himself. Plus, Obama has said he’s proud to be commander in chief many times, such as here. Where were those complaints from the Times about being self-absorbed? Moving on

Yet, when it comes to the actual life-and-death responsibilities of the commander in chief — overseeing America’s vast war machine and sending men and women into conflict — Mr. Trump seems more like the delegator in chief. The latest evidence was his decision this week to give Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to determine troop levels in Afghanistan, which could lead to an increase of as many as 5,000 troops, if proposals favored by Mr. Mattis and his generals go forward. (snip)

Military commanders chafed under Mr. Obama’s tight controls on troop deployments and war making, which some of them saw as micromanagement. Even so, commanders in chief cannot subcontract their most sacred duties; what the United States faces at this moment is not some routine tactical maneuver or choice. It is what to do about America’s longest war. That is, at bottom, Mr. Trump’s responsibility, and at the moment the nation has no idea what he thinks or where he is headed.

Good grief. Who better to make the decisions on troop levels than the military commanders, especially the Secretary of Defense? Jazz Shaw said this was the “next scandal”, and he has now become right. As he writes “getting the White House involved in the specifics of the force management levels (FML) list is a fairly recent thing.” It is rather recent. Do you think FDR was the person setting FML for D-Day? Let the military do their thing.

The Times whines on for a bit in their typical deranged manner, moving on to

Apart from the fact that the need for additional troops has not been cogently debated, much less established as necessary..

So, wait, the NYTEB is upset that Trump is going to allow SecDef Mattis, with all his military experience, to set FML, but wants Trump to abdicate his role as Commander In Chief to what is essentially a National Conversation by people without the requisite knowledge? Which is it, Times EB?

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