Trump Decides To Run Against Operation Iraqi Freedom

Can someone check the calendar and see what year it is?

(Breitbart) Trump said, “The Iraq war was a disaster. It was a mistake. We spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who we love all over the place. What do we have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Iran is taking over Iraq as sure as you’re sitting there. And that’s the way it is. We get nothing. They get the oil, they get everything. We get nothing. So it was a huge mistake. Whether people like it or not. and I’m the only one with the vision to have said don’t do it. And I wasn’t even a politician when I said that.”

He added, “Something’s going to have to happen with the party or we’re going to lose yet another election. I’m not even doing it to win election, I’m doing it out of common sense. The war was a horrible thing. If we’re not going to admit that, you’re going to have yet another election where the Democrats are going to win.”

This is surely in response to Trump’s comments during the Saturday night debate, which somehow saw the Iraq war come up. He’s doubling down. Or, is that tripling down? Because Trump has had the Left wing opinion on Iraq since late 2003, around the same time Democrats decided they were going to use the war to attack President Bush. He sure failed to convey his opposition during the long debate over Resolution 1441, approved by the United Nations and the US Congress, giving Bush clearance to engage in a military operation against Iraq if Iraq failed to allow weapons inspectors in to do their job. Saddam Hussein played his games, and lost.

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And, yes, Donald, WMD was found in Iraq. And, a major point was about denying Saddam WMD. Also, free the citizens from a brutal dictator. And other measures. But, really, do we need to relitigate Operation Iraqi Freedom? No. We don’t. Apparently Trump does. He thinks this is a winning issue, despite Bush being out of office for 7 years, despite Obama having done serious damage to the gains won in Iraq. Notice that Trump doesn’t attack Obama.

As noted in the WMD link, this “demonstrates that Trump’s political philosophy is actually a hodgepodge of far-left talking points that he imbibed when he was sucking up to the Clintons, their friends, and the other progressives he rubbed shoulders with in New York.” He hasn’t given up those far left talking points. If you read the transcript of the debate Saturday night, and from the Fox News Sunday show, would you think they were made by a Democrat or a Republican?

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