VIDEO: Clumsy Armadillo is Having Some Serious Issues

VIDEO: Clumsy Armadillo is Having Some Serious Issues

Animals sometimes struggle with simple tasks, and more often than not, it ends up in an adorable video. In this case, an armadillo was trying to climb up a ramp, but gravity got in his way.

63823437.IAF0qMbrFrom Mashable:

It’s not easy being an armadillo. Because armadillos, though cute, are not particularly graceful.

This little armadillo at the Mulhouse Zoo in France really just wants to climb up this ramp — but his slippery little hooves are proving to be a bit difficult. Every time he tries to walk up, he just ends up sliding right back down again. Eventually the little critter gives up and takes a different route in frustration.

Perhaps the “If at first you don’t succeed …” adage doesn’t really apply to armadillos.

You can watch the cute video below:

So cute! I hope he gets where he’s going one of these days.

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