[VIDEO] Huge Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese over Photo Booth

[VIDEO] Huge Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese over Photo Booth

Because why not have an all out bar fight in a Chuck E. Cheese? I know that’s what I take my autistic son there to enjoy. Crazy people…Daily Caller reports:

Chuck-E-Cheese-Logo1A parent upset over a malfunctioning photo booth sparked a mob attack at a Cleveland-area Chuck E. Cheese which left two store managers seriously injured, one of whom was knocked unconscious.

Surveillance footage from the Parma, Ohio pizza restaurant — a popular destination to celebrate children’s birthdays — shows the part of the attack that spilled into the kitchen.

The melee occurred Sunday evening.

Police say that chaos broke out when a store manager told a woman that she would have to wait for the photo booth to be fixed. A man in the party followed the manager to the kitchen where he reportedly proceeded to attack and threaten to kill the manager.

Video from the kitchen shows at least three men from the party fighting with the manager and other employees, some of whom were also hurt when they intervened. The fight spilled out of a door at the back of the restaurant. The manager is seen bleeding heavily from his face.

It’s a photo booth, people. Get a grip on reality. There is no reason to have a physical altercation with anyone over something so trivial. Enjoy your jail time, folks. This misadventure was caught on video:

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