VIDEO: Man Discovers the Pain in His Ear is Actually a Live SPIDER

VIDEO: Man Discovers the Pain in His Ear is Actually a Live SPIDER

I’m not a big fan of spiders when they are outside of my body. I can’t imagine how badly I would react if I found out one was stuffed inside my ear, like this guy. Allegedly, while searching for the source of the blockage in his ear, Bruce Banit recorded video of a live spider peeking out before retreating back into his ear canal.

spiderFrom The Daily Mail:

The horrifying moment a man checks his ear canal for a blockage only to find a huge, live spider has been captured on his mobile phone.

Bruce Branit had a painful ear infection after swimming at a lake in northwestern Missouri.

He used his phone in an attempt to find the source of the pain and to his horror, saw a black spider emerge before retreating back inside his ear canal. 

‘Swan at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend and got a super painful ear infection, tried to use my phone camera to see if I could see anything… Found this!’ Mr Branit wrote on Youtube on Friday.

Since then, the video has received more than 85,000 views with many posting their horror at Mr Branit’s ordeal.

However, some skeptics have dubbed the video as fake by using two separate videos shopped together.

‘The legs returning back into the ear canal is a touch too smooth for real arachnid motion,’ A Youtube viewer wrote.

‘The movements are way too smooth to be entirely realistic, a bug in real life would be much quicker, but the look of the model itself is incredibly convincing well done,’ said another.

Fake or not, spiders taking refuge inside ear canals is not unheard of.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

Real or not, that is disgusting and I pray that I never wake up with an insect of any type in my ears.

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