[VIDEO] Peacock Picks a Fight with the Wrong Guy

[VIDEO] Peacock Picks a Fight with the Wrong Guy

Aye, some people’s children, right? These fools decide to street fight, and it looks like everyone is betting on the big guy to knock down the little one. His peacock feathers sure were tattered in this round:


At the start of the video the larger of the two guys is looking pretty confident as are the onlookers. They think this is a 1 horse race and the smaller guy is going to get a whooping. I hope they didn’t place too many bets as it seems they backed the wrong horse!

Just like Seabiscuit, you can’t pick a winner just by their size. This little guy knows his moves and isn’t afraid to use them. Can’t say the same for the big guy!

Watch this guy’s attitude completely change as the fight goes on. Maybe now he won’t be so quick to judge a book by it’s cover!

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