VIDEO: Tourists Think a Gator Is King of the Swamp Until the Real Monster Surfaces

VIDEO: Tourists Think a Gator Is King of the Swamp Until the Real Monster Surfaces

Tourists who mistakenly believe alligators to be the top predator of the swamp need to take a second look at all the creatures who call it home, because an even more savage brute exists in the marshlands of America. Have you ever come in contact with an alligator snapping turtle?

This type of turtle is considered the “dinosaur of the turtle world,” because these prehistorical-looking monstrosities, which grow to over two feet in length and weigh around 225 lbs., are equipped with a spiked shell, beak-like jaws and a thick and strong scaled tail that make them an actual danger to any alligator that would foolishly assume they would make a good snack.

Do you want to see one in action?

Watch the following video and discover what happens when one alligator gets a little too close to this prehistoric turtle:

Not today, alligator! What do you expect from a creature called an alligator snapping turtle? Definitely no push over, any reason they should be? One of the beefiest – and as a result, the heaviest – freshwater turtles in the world, these dreadful creatures could easily make short work of a human finger with one little snap of their jaw.

Here are some more fascinating facts about these captivating creatures. From Conservative Review:

They can live up to 200 years of age, although most only live to about 100 or less, especially in captivity; they’re found exclusively in the United States, especially from northern Florida to eastern Texas; and the only predator they fear are humans.

Despite fearing humans, they never attack them, though.

“Some myths claim that alligator snapping turtles are known to attack people, but this isn’t the case,” notes the National Wildlife Federation. “Their powerful jaws can snap through bone, though, so they should never be handled in the wild!”

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