VIDEO: Watch a crocodile bite face of a circus trainer who put his head inside the animal’s mouth

VIDEO: Watch a crocodile bite face of a circus trainer who put his head inside the animal’s mouth


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The video below shows the actual footage of an animal trainer at a recent circus show being savagely attacked by a crocodile. His head is trapped in the animal’s mouth until he is able to break free, covered in blood.

A man was doing a usual show at a circus in Ha Nam, Vietnam this past week when things became much more terrifying for everyone involved. While the performer was extremely experienced in his act, working with crocodiles, it turns out that the crocodile was not quite as experienced with the act.

Part of the act required a very risky move on the part of the man. He would bend over putting his face and head near the crocodile’s mouth then place his head INSIDE the crocodile’s mouth. It sounds like he is asking for trouble, but the man was regularly able to perform the trick with no damage. In fact, he had done the trick for years. But it turned out this time the crocodile was a different animal and less willing to let something go once it was already in its mouth.

Suddenly, the recent circus act in Liem Commune in the Thanh Liem district in Vietnam turned incredibly gruesome when a trainer is savagely attacked by a crocodile. He is able to rip his face out of the animal’s mouth covered in blood and bite marks.

Pham Van High, Thanh Liem District Chairman, said,

‘There was rainy weather on Saturday evening but the circus entertainers did not want to betray the audience.

‘Prior to the performances, the circus brought a crocodile but unfortunately it died and the replacement crocodile was put on instead.

‘Fortunately, the actor was only wounded in the incident. Now he is being treated in hospital in Henan province. By this morning, the health situation of the actor was better.

‘An investigation has been handed over to the police chiefs.’

Nothing could ever convince me to put my face inside a live animal’s mouth…. what do you expect will happen when you allow a predator to have dominance over you? Luckily, the man is recovering well.

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