What Happened When a Muslim Complained About Restaurant’s Bacon Sign?

What Happened When a Muslim Complained About Restaurant’s Bacon Sign?

I am a Jewish-American woman. I don’t identify myself as such, because I see no need to play a victim or play to any special ‘need’ as so many people do these days. I digress. I mention this only because as a Jewish woman, I don’t eat pork products. Who is responsible for that? Oh, that’s right, me. I don’t care (and neither should anyone else) if other people cook, eat, or advertise bacon. I DON’T have to eat it, I DON’T have to do anything. It’s called freedom, folks. One restaurant owner, unfortunately, was bullied into pulling down his pretty cute sign for his bistro by ‘the non-pork eating community’. Whatever. Conservative Tribune reports:

I don't think the 'non-pork eating community' would like this AWESOME bacon bra, either.

I don’t think the ‘non-pork eating community’ would like this AWESOME bacon bra, either.

The horribly 'offensive' sign

The horribly ‘offensive’ sign

Should a restaurant that serves bacon be allowed to display signs and/or advertisements that mention bacon? The U.S. Constitution says that it should, but Muslims in Vermont apparently disagree.

Case in point: After the Sneakers Bistro restaurant in Winooski put up a sign that read, “Yield for Sneakers Bacon,” an outraged Muslim woman took to an online community forum to complain about it.

“Given the large number of Muslim families in Winooski, as well as many others who do not eat pork for a variety of reasons, it seems unnecessary for this insensitive business sign to be at the city’s main crosswalk,” the woman wrote.

Unfortunately, the restaurant’s owner basically let an acolyte of Shariah law bully him into submission, which is extraordinarily sad given that the U.S. Constitution affords him the right to display his sign.

When the owner of Sneakers Bistro heard about her complaint, he responded by taking down the sign.


Notice how he mentioned “safety” concerns. This made it sound as if he feared the Muslims in Winooski would have taken violent action had he not removed the sign (H/T Young Conservatives).

According to the Burlington Free Press, the restaurant’s frequent patrons were NOT happy with his decision. Some threatened to never eat at Sneakers Bistro again. Another 50 left one-star reviews on the restaurant’s Yelp profile.

If Muslims want to live in the United States, then perhaps they should get with the program and stop bullying people whenever they’re offended.

While they certainly have the right to complain, they do NOT have the right to bully people into submission.

Look, I could complain all day long about how Subway has bacon, or how the grocery store sells ham. But it boils down to choices. I have the freedom to live as I please, shop where I like, and worship as I wish. I don’t have to buy these products. The businesses have the right to sell what they want. Why is it so hard to understand this? It doesn’t have to be a fight. America isn’t going to coddle every tiny ‘need’ you may have. It’s bacon, folks. I may not want any myself, but I support others rights to all the bacon they want. Let’s make bacon, and not war.

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