‘White Privilege!’: Guy Absolutely Loses It After Parents Accidentally Run Into Him With Baby Stroller

‘White Privilege!’: Guy Absolutely Loses It After Parents Accidentally Run Into Him With Baby Stroller

Well, I guess I better watch out when I am pushing my nephew around in his stroller, because I sure as heck don’t want to run into any nut jobs like this clown:


This was apparently how such an incident started on the streets of Brooklyn, developing into a curse-word laden video that even got into the issue of “white privilege.”

Though we can’t see exactly how the situation started based on the video, we do see two men verbally going at it while a woman stood off to the side with a stroller.

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“All I said was excuse me,” a man in running shorts and a long-sleeve white shirt shouted, as a uniformed police officer or security guard held him back.

“Don’t f***ing come at me. I’ll kill you,” this man said to the other man.

“You’re messing with the wrong guy, I fight for a living,” he continued, seemingly undeterred by the uniformed officer as he continued to make his threats, accusing the other man. “When you push your stroller into people, your baby could get hurt. Your baby could get hurt.”

Then the heated jogger accused the father of being a baby himself.

“I fight babies like you, baby,” he said, the cop/security guard continuing to try and stand between the two men.

“You’re new in the neighborhood. I’ve been in this neighborhood. The only reason white people like you are living here is because I settled this f***ing neighborhood for you. … Don’t push your stroller into my leg.”

Those standing around watching the scene could be heard laughing at him and said “thank you, white guy” at these latest comments.

When the mom got involved calling him a “sick f***,” the man pointed at her and yelled “white privilege, white f***ing privilege!”

“You pushed your stroller right into me and all I said was ‘Excuse you.’ And then you said, ‘F*** you. F*** you.’ F*** you, you white trash,” the man continued. “You f***ing white trash.”

And that’s where the video cuts off, with both parties and the officer still hanging around the Brooklyn street.

Sadly, the video has since been deleted on YouTube. But this is the kind of nonsense crap that just leaves me shaking my head. This guy needs to catch a clue, and get off whatever bath salts he was on, because he sure as heck made zero sense.

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