Why is this pig in a patrol car? It’s not what you think!

Why is this pig in a patrol car? It’s not what you think!

When people think of the duties of a police officer, they usually think of things like putting away drug dealers or solving murders. Chasing down a pig that’s running loose in a neighborhood and causing mischief? That’s not something you see every day.

pig in patrol car

A lost pig has turned into a viral sensation for one Michigan police department.

Resident Debbie DeRiemaecker called police after a large pig chased her into the front yard of her home. Despite the surprise encounter, DeRiemaecker told WXYZ that she was laughing as she called 911.

Police responded quickly and were able to corral the pig into the back seat of a patrol car. Someone managed to snap an epic photo of the pig looking out the back window with a pleased expression on its face.

The Shelby Township Police Department posted the photo on its Facebook page, where it has quickly gone viral.

The pig was reunited with its owner, but not before relieving itself in the patrol car.

The pig’s owner cleaned the patrol car.

Well, at least they got a good story out of it! And hopefully in the future, the owner of the pig will make sure the animal is better secured so that other people aren’t having to clean up the pig’s mess.

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