A Wife Confronts Her Cheating Husband on Camera as He Tries to Hook Up With Her BEST FRIEND

A Wife Confronts Her Cheating Husband on Camera as He Tries to Hook Up With Her BEST FRIEND

People love to watch train wrecks. And so naturally, this train wreck of a marriage is catching a lot of attention, after this woman posted a video catching her husband attempting to cheat on her with her best friend.

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When an Idaho woman found out that her husband was trying to have an affair with her best friend, she made up her mind to confront him — and catch his reaction on camera.

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Leslie Varner from Boise was clearly upset to learn that her husband of nearly three years, who is also the father of her child, was planning to be unfaithful. He’d cheated on her before, but this time, he was secretly messaging her best friend, Sam, on Facebook, looking for some fun on the side.

So when ‘Sam’ finally invited Cody, 26, over for some one-on-one time, Leslie was there by her friend’s side, waiting to ask her husband for a divorce and record all of his awful excuses.

In the beginning of the video, which was shared on Facebook and has been viewed over two and a half million times, Leslie and Sam speak directly to the camera.

‘We’re trapping Cody Levi Varner cheating on me, his wife, Leslie, with my best friend, Sam,’ Leslie explains.

‘He’s trying to,’ Sam explains. ‘So we are finally catching him in the act after her whole entire marriage’

Sam then takes the camera and begins filming Leslie, who is seen waiting at the front door inside Sam’s house. Cody has just pulled up outside, and thinks he is just meeting Sam for an illicit hookup.

Leslie and Sam whisper to each other as they wait, and Leslie seems nervous and exhilarated by the confrontation ahead. Finally, Leslie opens the front door, taking Cody — who had been expecting to see Sam — by surprise.

‘Busted,’ she tells him, pointing in his face. ‘F***ing busted. I want a divorce.’

Cody, unrepentant, laughs at being caught, telling her: ‘I already knew this would happen.’

‘Who else is there?’ she asks him, to which he shrugs his shoulders. ‘Yeah, you do know. Tell me. I wanna f***ing know, who else is there? How long have you been cheating on me?’

He answers that it ‘doesn’t matter’ to both of her questions, catching on to the fact that there is a camera in his face and attempting to cover up with his helmet.

‘It matter ’cause I’m f***ing married to you and the mother of your child,’ she fires back, to which he laughs callously. ‘And you’re laughing ’cause you’re embarrassed as f*** and you look like an a**hole.’

It seems strange that he would act so nonchalant after being caught in the act. Regardless, though, it seems like this is not the healthiest of marriages, and so these two should perhaps pursue some serious counseling if they don’t get a divorce.

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