Woman Spends $76K To Get ‘The Perfect Female Body’; Here’s What She Used To Look Like (Photos)

Woman Spends $76K To Get ‘The Perfect Female Body’; Here’s What She Used To Look Like (Photos)

There are some sick people in this world. Flavio Pellegrino is no exception to the sickness that afflicts a transgender addict. He, she, Flavio has spent over $76,000 on four boob jobs, two rounds of lipo and 150 face fillers to have ‘the perfect female body’ – Oh yeah and he’s married. She’s sticking by him!

After ‘realizing’ he was transgender as a teen, Fulvia spent over 40 years hiding it for fear of what his/her religious family would say. Fulvia masked his/her turmoil and exaggerated his/her masculinity in public, buying guns and owning expensive cars. He/she said: ‘It is difficult to grow up with a body which is not yours. You try to mask it in every way playing football, drinking beers, buying American 4x4s and go shooting to feel like a man. Instead you understand it is a mask and so you need to throw it away and become what you are.’

The troubled youngster kept her torment hidden even when she met his wife Marisa, 32 years ago. Soon after they were wed, he/she began cheating on Marisa turning to visiting gay clubs and cross-dressing in private in his/her garage.

So, 16 years ago, Fulvia could no longer hide his/her struggle and confessed to his/her wife, Marisa that he/she wanted to transition. Until then he/she had hid in the garage and put make-up on there and dressed like a woman. He/she never showed that side of me because Fulvia was ashamed of it. Fulvia began to pursue his/her extreme look with breast implants, a nose job and a face lift in 2004. Fulvia’s family were not very accepting, but even while Marisa admits that while she’s standing by her husband, the pair are now more like sisters than a married couple.

Even after so many surgeries and so much money spent to achieve perfection, Fulvia said: ‘I am not happy with my ‘perfect’ body, because it is not perfect. Perfection is something else.’

See the pictures below of what Fulvia looked like as a man… which do you think looks more perfect?

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