Would You Wear This “Cecil the Lion’s Murder” Costume for Halloween?

Would You Wear This “Cecil the Lion’s Murder” Costume for Halloween?

Fall is just around the corner, and that means people are already planning their Halloween costumes. While you will see the usual group dressed like witches and hobos and skeletons, some people are going to be dressing in something a little more… exotic. No, I’m not talking about the stripper cop outfit, I’m talking about the new Cecil the Lion‘s Murder” costume.

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From IJReview:

The costume, called “Lion Killer Halloween Costume,” is being sold by a company called Costumeish. It’s proven to be so popular that they raised the price, from the original $59.99 to $99.99:

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“Due to popular demand the price of the costume has been raised to $99.99.”

All Doctor Palmer wanted was to hang dead animals in his house, but what started as an obscure (if legally-dubious) hunting trip has since erupted into a brouhaha of trans-Atlantic proportions.

2015’s most controversial killing has laid bare the rift in American and Zimbabwean attitudes toward exotic game hunting and animal conservation pitting an outraged mob against a Minnesotan dentist in a scandal sure to be remembered for a generation.

Our Cecil Lion Killer Dentist Costume features a severed lion’s head mask, bloody smock, and bloody gloves for a gruesome, complete look.”

Just last month, Palmer traveled to Africa and killed Cecil, the famous lion, much to the dismay of many people online.

Johnathon Weeks, the founder of Costumeish, spoke to Time and defended his creation:

“Cecil was coming up, and just like with many of the other ones, like the Ebola or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge costumes, we see the trend from users,” he said.

“Halloween is a really tricky day and you see some of the costumes come about and it’s almost like desensitizing things.”

Weeks said there aren’t many things that he wouldn’t capitalize on, except for one:

“We have a Jared costume that comes with a Subway sandwich, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Ashley Madison, [Josh] Duggar,” he said.

“Where do you draw the line? I don’t know. I won’t make a toddler ISIS costume.”

The company has, however, been donating 15 percent of proceeds collected via sale of the Cecil costume to an unnamed “wildlife foundation.”

Below is a picture of the controversial costume:

Screen-Shot-2015-08-27-at-4.15.46-PM-731x1024Do think this is insensitive, or goes too far?

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