#100days100nights: LA Gangs are “In a Contest to Murder 100 People in 100 Days”

#100days100nights: LA Gangs are “In a Contest to Murder 100 People in 100 Days”

People in Los Angeles are living in fear right now thanks to a sick contest cooked up by two rival gangs. The hashtag #100days100nights is being used by two gangs that are allegedly competing to murder 100 people in 100 days.


Two rival gangs in Los Angeles have reportedly entered a contest to murder 100 people in 100 days.

The death of Rollin 100 gang member ‘KP’ reportedly prompted the bet, and residents took to social media to warn others that anyone walking between Western and Normanie Avenues could be risking their life.

Posts on Instagram and Twitter tagged with #100days100nights are apparently being taken seriously by the LAPD, and more officers are being deployed to the area, The Daily Beast reports.

LAPD Deputy Chief Bill Scott said in spite of this there was no evidence to confirm the threats as yet.

‘You’ve got everyday folks who have nothing to do with the gang lifestyle and culture scared,’ he told the LA Times.

Only this weekend one man was shot dead and 12 more were wounded following a series of shootings in the 77th Street district.

Last Thursday, a woman and two children were injured after a gunman – still thought to be at large – approached their car and opened fire.

It’s sad that so many people focus on the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement focusing on so-called police violence while ignoring actual violence that is epidemic in so many communities. Maybe if we worried more about those communities instead of whining about some idiotic liberal agenda, we could prevent these kinds of crimes from happening.

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