3 Thugs Invaded His Home, Only 2 Survived After He Taught Them To Respect Their ELDERS…

3 Thugs Invaded His Home, Only 2 Survived After He Taught Them To Respect Their ELDERS…

I’ve written enough of these stories to know that the majority of these encounters almost never end well for the morons who break into a home. On the upside, they all have happy endings!


From Conservative Tribune:

Three dumb thugs who forced their way inside an 80-year-old man’s home learned a tough lesson when he pulled out his pistol and popped them like bottles on a fence.

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West Virginia MetroNews reported that the incident occurred late Monday evening in Fairmont, when one of the thugs, 23-year-old Whitney Kabiru, knocked on the man’s door and claimed that she needed to make an emergency phone call.

The guy rightfully felt suspicious, so he concealed a pistol on himself before he opened the door. But as the woman stepped into his home, the two other thugs — Larry Shaver, 28, and John Grossklaus, 28 — followed her in with a handgun and threatened to shoot unless the man gave them what they wanted.

Rather than surrender, the man fought back — and he surely did not miss.

In fact, at least three rounds hit Shaver and Grossklaus, both of whom reportedly collapsed to the ground in a whole lot of pain.

As the two thugs struggled to live, Kabiru ran off while the 80-year-old man dialed the police. When they arrived, they found Shaver dead and Grossklaus alive but in need of immediate medical attention.

The female accomplice, Whiteny Kabiru, was later caught and arrested a few hours later.

The investigation remained ongoing, but the likelihood of the man being charged was fairly nonexistent, as authorities reasonably determined that he had reason to believe that his life was in mortal danger.

Being stupid is surely dangerous, but in situations like this, it can be fatal!

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