3-Year-Old Waiting in Line for Ice Cream is KILLED by a Drunk Hit-&-Run Driver, Suspect is an Illegal Immigrant [Video]

The sheriff is right… Obama must be stopped. He has blood all over his hands and is directly responsible for deaths such as this 3-year-old. There is absolutely no other way to view this. The government has told officers to look the other way and let known illegal criminals just go. They then commit crimes such as rape and murder and get away with it, because Obama has deemed it so. DHS wants to enable the crimes of these people all for the greater collective good. Obama will grant Amnesty not to the 4.5 million he claims next week, but to 34 million illegal aliens in an effort to forever change the voter demographic of the US before the 2016 elections. No child should die for a political agenda – it’s evil.

From Fox News Insider:

A 3-year-old girl was killed waiting in line to buy ice cream in California – and the suspect is an illegal immigrant, Trace Gallagher reported today.

Authorities say that 18-year-old Adolfo Balbuena, who does not have a driver’s license, was drunk when he drove his Chevy through a fence, hitting a crowd of people who were waiting in line at an ice cream truck.

Angeles Moreno, 3, was killed. Three others were hurt, including an 8-year-old and a 16-year-old.

Despite a number of witnesses, authorities say Balbuena backed up and fled the scene. He then allegedly drove home and had his brother take him to another location, but was arrested a short time later.

Balbuena just turned 18, so any criminal record in the past has been sealed.

Critics say the Obama administration has cut back enforcement of immigration laws against illegal immigrants with DUI and identity theft convictions.

One ICE attorney has even filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security which alleges that she and her colleagues were told to use prosecutorial discretion with illegal immigrants who have old DUI convictions.

When she challenged her boss about an illegal immigrant with a criminal record, she claims she was told to “let it go.”

The DHS is reviewing the allegations.

This is just one case in thousands that are out there now. Our President is turning America into a third wold hellhole. He needs to be impeached right now. It may come to having him physically removed. Our children are at risk as this little girl’s death shows, as well as the other children injured. America… will you let this lawless President achieve his destructive agenda, sacrificing our children and future at the alter of Progressive elitism? The elitist’s time is over… time for Americans to stop the invasion.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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