Teacher Has ‘Oral Sex Romp’ With Student – The Details Are Unbelievable

Teacher Has ‘Oral Sex Romp’ With Student – The Details Are Unbelievable

A female high school teacher just got herself in some big trouble. She allegedly provided oral sex for a 17 year-old male teenager during a night out on the town. Good grief…


From The Daily Caller:

“They met at a business here in Moore, drove around in Oklahoma City, made a few stops, ended up late that night at a park here in Moore — Buck Thomas Park — where she performed oral sex on the 17-year-old,” Moore police spokesman Jeremy Lewis told local NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.

Multiple security cameras caught Mayfield and the teen hugging and kissing at various locales in the Oklahoma City area as well, police say.

“There was surveillance in Oklahoma City that showed them together kissing. That was proof that they were everywhere, pretty much everything he gave us checked out,” Lewis told KFOR.

Officials with the Moore Public School District responded to the charges by placing Mayfield on administrative leave and banned her from the campus.

It’s not clear if the leave is paid or unpaid.

“Obviously, we are not pleased that it involved a teacher and one of her students,” school district spokesman Dustin Horstkoetter said in a statement obtained by the Norman Transcript.

Police began their investigation after a campus cop at Moore High received a tip.

The charge of forcible sodomy is Mayfield’s brush with the law.

Boy, how does one’s reality get so warped that this kind of act becomes acceptable to them? They are teachers and they are messing around with kids? Just awful. Should she go to jail?

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