8 people shot, including 3 year-old, but Black Lives Matter is NOWHERE [VIDEO]

8 people shot, including 3 year-old, but Black Lives Matter is NOWHERE [VIDEO]

Baltimore is spiraling into a black pit of violence just like Chicago. On Saturday, eight people were brutally shot, including a three year-old little girl who was with her father. Evidently, she was collateral damage. No one died, which we can be immensely grateful for. The police are saying this was some sort of payback for a shooting on Labor Day that killed one man and wounded two women… one of them was pregnant. They are hunting for suspects, but no one has been caught yet.

This shootout took place outside of some rowhouses last night around 8:30 pm. Three men in dark clothing converged on the group of victims from different points of attack according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis at a news conference. What is not clear yet is how authorities are linking the two shootings. They aren’t saying yet how they connected those dots. The victims could have recognized the gunmen, but authorities haven’t immediately been able to identify the suspects and were still searching for them hours afterward.


From Independent Review Journal:

At least eight people were shot in Baltimore in Saturday night, including a 3-year-old child, according to police.

There were no reported fatalities in the shooting and all resulting injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

WTOC-TV photojournalist Walter Ambrose reported police were searching for multiple armed suspects.

Police did not identify any suspects or a possible motive on Saturday. The shooting remains under investigation and investigators are asking anyone with information to contact authorities in Baltimore.

According to the police commissioner, one of the armed men came out of an alley and the other two shooters ran down the street until they reached just short of the victims. They they starting firing away. The father and three year-old were a short distance from the others. They don’t think the child was an intended victim, but that hardly matters, now does it? I’ll bet this was black-on-black crime, not that the media is saying so.

A woman, along with the little girl, was wounded. The rest that received wounds were men. The victims ranged in age from 26 to 39. Earlier in the day an open fair where a lot of people turned out took place on that block. The shootings occurred just up the street, so this could have been deadly if it had happened earlier in the day.

The shooters fled the scene on foot. The area has been blocked and taped off by police as an active crime scene. They are still searching the surrounding area and do not have any idea where the shooters ran to. One has to wonder where Black Lives Matter is in all this. Guess only certain black lives matter to those guys. Selective outrage at play. Disgraceful.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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