87 Year Old WWII Veteran Murdered By 4 Teens In His Own Driveway

87 Year Old WWII Veteran Murdered By 4 Teens In His Own Driveway

What a sad, sad story.

criminal murderers

Four feral predators attacking an old man they perceived as prey in the small town of Greenville Mississippi. Lawrence “Sunshine” Thornton, who survived World War II and was known as a sunny man who made the best hot tamales around, couldn’t survive an attack in his own driveway.

During World War II, Lawrence “Sunshine” Thornton served in the Navy as a Fireman First Class on, the USS Herald, a minesweeper. Then, as now, minesweeping was a dangerous job because, as the name implied, yours was the first ship in the danger zone.

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…As for his nickname — Sunshine — the 87-year-old Thornton carried that one around since his high school band days, when constantly whistle “You Are My Sunshine,” and often spent band intermissions picking the tune on a piano. The name “Sunshine,” or “Shine,” suited a man with a happy disposition.

Thornton’s sunny personality explains why family and friends are so horrified about what happened. On Friday, October 18, in his own driveway, he was attacked by two men who pushed him down and stole his wallet. He was rushed to the hospital, but died two days later from the injuries he received.

Police have since arrested Terrance Morgan, 19; Edward Johnson, 19; Leslie Litt, 18; and Geblonski Murray, for their role in Thornton’s murder. The four are also being charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.


For every Trayvon Martin who gets shot after pounding someone’s head into the concrete, how many Lawrence “Sunshine” Thorntons are there? Maybe people should keep that in mind the next time Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to blow a case way out of proportion in order to fund raise off of it.

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