911 call details attempted robbery of a homeless person, what happened next was a bloody mess [VIDEO]

911 call details attempted robbery of a homeless person, what happened next was a bloody mess [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter has been screaming that Alton Sterling was murdered by police ever since last week. Sterling was selling CDs outside of a store, when someone called the police and claimed he was threatening people with a gun. It has since come to light that he was a deadbeat dad and a pedophile. He threatened a homeless man with a gun shortly before his altercation with the police. He was trying to rob the guy. Police ordered him to stop when they got there and he wouldn’t. Two officers tackled him to the ground and they claim he reached for a gun in his pocket. The police shot and killed him over it. They did find a gun in his pocket. This looks like a justified shooting, but the police will determine that as they should.


From Western Journalism:

According to the Young Conservatives, Alton Sterling — the 37-year-old black man the Black Lives Matter organization has said was simply selling CD’s on the sidewalk before being killed by police in Louisiana last week — was actually a “dead-beat dad” and a “pedophile” who had threatened a homeless man with his firearm before police were later threatened with said firearm, resulting in Sterling’s death.

The homeless man, according to senior law enforcement officials, called 911 to report sterling had attempted to rob him. For this reason, police responded to the scene and confronted Sterling. Cell phone footage of the confrontation, which showed police officers taking Sterling down, crying he had a gun, then showed police officers firing on and killing Sterling, went viral and was a contributing factor to the assassinations of five police officers in Dallas.

Two videos of the shooting have emerged. One, taken with a cell phone by a witness to the shooting, is rather blury and shaky.

The shooting and death of Alton Sterling was one of the contributing factors that led to a terrorist murdering five police officers in Dallas and wounding seven others. Because false information was hyped and spread about Sterling’s death, five officers were murdered in cold blood. And numerous other officers across the nation have been attacked and shot this weekend. Sterling had a long rap sheet. The left is playing him up as an innocent father of five who was just selling CDs, but reality is massively different here. There has been too many lies, too much blood, too much death, too much racism and too much hatred this week. For those that are really behind all this, look to Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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