Alabama Mother Photographed Incestuous Sex Acts w/ Her 2 Young Children & Sent the Images to a Man

Alabama Mother Photographed Incestuous Sex Acts w/ Her 2 Young Children & Sent the Images to a Man

Learning that children have been the victims of sexual abuse is horrifying enough. But to find out that the children were victimized at the hands of their own parent takes it to a whole new level of evil — but that’s exactly what one Alabama mother did.

Jennifer Lynne Weekley was arrested earlier this month after authorities learned that she had been making child pornography with her own two children and sending it to a man in Florida. She had also exchanged text messages with this man, explaining the sexual abuse she was going to commit on her daughter, who is around six or seven years-old, and her son, who is three or four.

She then sent the man photographs of herself doing what she promised to do. “These are acts that she would perform on the children, the children would perform on her and the children would perform amongst themselves that she would encourage,” Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney Matt Simpson said. “She would photograph these at the request of this individual in Florida and send these images to this individual in Florida.”

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Weekley’s daughter told investigators that her mother and younger brother would play a game with her called “Huckle Buckle,” where the mother would sexually penetrate her own daughter.

After being caught, investigators seized phones from both Weekley and the man she was texting. Baldwin County District Court Judge William Scully set Weekley’s bond at $300,000, calling her crimes “horrific.” The prosecution has requested that if Weekley makes bond, she be required to wear a GPS tracker and to be allowed no contact with her children or any other minor children.

This isn’t Weekley’s first run-in with the law; she was arrested in 2001 for multiple counts of theft and was arrested in 2005 for driving the getaway car after her ex-husband, Jeremy Weekley, robbed a bank.

If found guilty, how long do you think she should be in prison?

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