Amazing Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Children Calm While Mexican Cartel FIREFIGHT Goes Down! [VIDEO]

Amazing Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Children Calm While Mexican Cartel FIREFIGHT Goes Down! [VIDEO]

A kindergarten teacher was an absolute hero to keep her students composed and calm as cartel gunmen and police officers were in one of many firefights in a series of of them going down in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a border city.

At least six people in the fight were killed during the violence that had brought with it fear and terror through this city as cartel thugs went about fighting the police for control over the area. It was reported that two rival factions of the Gulf Cartel had their sights on the city of Reynosa and consequently, the fighting that took place has led to at least 42 murdered individuals, all among police officers and of course innocent bystanders.

Though last Friday morning was a different story. As rival gangs of the Gulf Cartel began their fighting for the day, one particular battle took place near a kindergarten school where young children had no choice but to huddle together under their desks in hopes that they would be able to avoid the stray bullets that were flying around outside their school. We now can see just how the students were able to stay calm the whole time.

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It was the selfless efforts of a teacher who walked around calmly, soothing the kids and keeping them calm.

“There’s a situation of risk so we all have to get down,” the unidentified teacher can be heard in the video trying to calm down the students in Spanish. “Everyone remain calm, nothing bad is going to happen. I am here with you all … Keep your little heads covered.”

The teacher went on playing the hero, speaking and singing to her students songs out of a children’s book. Violent cartel gunshots continued throughout the city as rival cartel gunmen kept trying to kill each other and the police kept trying to arrest or kill them.

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