Angry Father Chops Off 15 Year-Old’s Man Part And Gouges Eyes Out – MISTAKENLY!

Angry Father Chops Off 15 Year-Old’s Man Part And Gouges Eyes Out – MISTAKENLY!

This gruesome incident involves a 15 yr-old boy’s penis being chopped off and eyes being gouged out by a group of men…

These men eventually left him on the side of the road in Pakistan after mutilating him. This is a wonderful tale of how non-Christian societies influence people.

A father was infuriated as he believed a rumor that a young teen was having an illicit relationship with his daughter. Last February, the man gathered a group of friends to help him kidnap the teen. They took him to a deserted place near Ravi where they thought it was a good idea to chop off the boy’s penis. The group of criminals then went further by gouging his eyes out. They abandoned the bleeding teen there, leaving him for dead.

By pure luck, the boy was able to find passersby in this desolate place. Those people rushed him to the hospital in the city. The doctors were able to save his life although he is left mutilated, crippled and blind. These horrific actions have changed the destiny of the boy and will most likely have to be cared for by family for the rest of his life. Additionally, the ability to have a normal life with a family of his own was completely wiped from his future with one swift cut. Disgusting!

The boy’s father has alleged that a lawmaker from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is going to be backing the accused. The ‘religion of peace’ law is called Sharia law and it might condone such behavior of a father taking matters into his own hands to defend his daughter’s innocence. Greatly concerned, the boy’s father has urged Pakistan’s Chief Justice to intervene in the matter.

The local senior police officer Haider Ashraf said all of the five accused had been arrested. “We will submit the challan of the case after completing investigation,” he said.

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