Anguished Father Lunges For Daughter’s KILLER In Courtroom – Then Murderer Does The UNTHINKABLE… [VIDEO]

Anguished Father Lunges For Daughter’s KILLER In Courtroom – Then Murderer Does The UNTHINKABLE… [VIDEO]

In Cleveland, the grieving father of a young woman killed by a sex offender lost it in court as a judge handed down the death penalty to the murderous dirt bag who took his daughter’s life. As the father stood before the judge making his statement, he looked over at the man who had raped and murdered his daughter… the man smiled. The father, who is a big man, made a truly impressive jump and lunge at the demon. He was pulled off the scum by police and officers of the court. He was eventually hustled outside the courtroom. Who under heaven could blame the father for this? I certainly couldn’t. We can only pray that the killer will be put to death expeditiously.


From the Independent Journal:

Emotions ran high in a Cleveland courtroom Thursday where the father of a woman killed by a sex offender anxiously waited to hear a judge hand down a death penalty.

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Just as the words left the judge’s mouth, the convicted murderer Michael Madison gave a devilish smirk, when Van Terry unleashed understandable rage as he lunged across a table toward him.

Sheriff’s deputies had to restrain Terry while Madison simply watched in delight. This extended clip shows family members sobbing in the background after Terry and Madison were removed from the courtroom:

I have never seen a killer smirk like this. It goes far beyond having no remorse. He was rejoicing and reveling in the father’s grief. It is just blatantly evil. As ABC News reports, Terry was the father of 18 year-old Shirellda Terry, who was murdered by Madison in 2013. He recalls strangling two other women — 38 year-old Angela Deskins and 28 year-old Shetisha Sheeley — but says he doesn’t remember killing Shirellda. I am certain that he killed others and he’s lying that he doesn’t remember Shirellda. This kind of killer takes trophies and loves to relive the event over and over again. Terry, the father, tells Fox 8 News that when Madison looked at him and smiled, he thought it was beyond “disrespectful”: “I was thinking how he mutilated my child, cut my child. You did all this while my child was still alive, so you caused my baby great pain. I don`t know if I thought about leaping or what have you, I just know I wanted him.” Madison was convicted by a jury last month of multiple counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping. His lethal injection could take years to happen, considering the lack of lethal drug supplies in Ohio, in addition to lengthy appeals. Terry does not regret going after the killer at all and is willing to face charges. I’m just sorry he didn’t get a hold of the guy.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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