Authorities Learn SICK Truth: Mother Drove Off 50 ft. Cliff Killing Her Three Kids Deliberately

Authorities Learn SICK Truth: Mother Drove Off 50 ft. Cliff Killing Her Three Kids Deliberately

Last year, in June, Lucky Peak Lake, in Idaho’s Ada County, was the very unlucky and horrible scene of a tragic quadruple death. A mother and her three children, all of them inside the family’s Land Rover SUV, were found forty feet underwater, off a cliff that was fifty feet high. The vehicle plunged from the cliff above. The news shocked and grieved the community.

The deceased included 40 year-old Noel Bankhead and her three children, all with the same last name of Voermans; Anika, 13, Logan, 11, and Gwyneth, 8. After investigating the deaths for over a year, the Ada County Coroner has stated that the June 2, 2016, deaths were a triple homicide-suicide. There were no skid marks or any indication that Noel tried to stop the car from plunging over the cliff, it appears as though she lined up the vehicle and simply drove forward, killing all aboard. The mother and her children all died from drowning related to blunt force trauma, no doubt suffered in the fifty foot drop from the cliff to the reservoir where they were found.

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No motive has been given. The killer, Noel Bankhead, had been divorced for two years from the children’s father, Robert Voermans, at the time of the crime. Toxicology results show she had no alcohol, medication, or other mind altering substances in her system when she drove the car off the cliff with her three children inside.

According to witnesses who spoke to authorities, they saw the mother turn off the highway at the top of the cliff, position the car facing the reservoir and suddenly accelerate, killing herself and her family.

The investigation did not turn up any kind of mechanical malfunction with the vehicle, adding further credence to the appearance that she acted deliberately in taking the lives of herself, her two daughters and her son. Left behind is their father, Robert.

There simply isn’t any way to know what was going through this mother’s mind as she planned and executed a triple murder-suicide. What kind of mother violently kills her own three children? No matter how terrible life may seem, there can be no justification for this murderous behavior. A dad is left to grieve for his children over the course of his entire life, wondering what he might have missed or could have done to prevent it.

There simply are no words to describe the horror of this tragedy. It’s too late for this beautiful family. But it’s not too late for others. If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please get them help. Please don’t ignore what they say or do or dismiss it as only words or false threats. Real people died that day on June 2, 2016, and three of them weren’t planning on it. Intervention is not only recommended, but absolutely necessary. Do not hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or 911 to get help for yourself or someone you know. Your life and the life of those you love is worth it.

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