Baby is on Hospital Ventilator After Shoving Objects Down Baby’s Throat (Photos)

Baby is on Hospital Ventilator After Shoving Objects Down Baby’s Throat (Photos)

Hearing a baby cry for long periods of time can be frustrating — there’s no denying that. But that’s why it’s recommended for stressed caregivers or parents to put the baby down and walk away. It’s to prevent the person from snapping and harming the baby. Unfortunately, some people take out their anger on the infant instead, with catastrophic consequences.

A man and woman were both arrested after a five month-old baby was found to have severe injuries. 20 year-old Celeste Paula Marroquin and 23 year-old Ricardo Perez Salas were charged after it was discovered that Salas had stuck his finger down the baby’s throat. The baby had been taken to the pediatric ICU in a hospital in Greenville, South Carolina with serious oral trauma.

The police investigation revealed that Salas being in a home with the child wasn’t allowed to begin with, as there was an order from the Department of Social Services prohibiting him from having any contact with the baby. When the baby wouldn’t stop crying, police allege that Salas stuck his finger down the baby’s throat.

Both Salas and Marroquin covered up the baby’s injuries by refusing to get medical attention for the infant for several days. The baby had to undergo emergency surgery and is on a ventilator, but is also expected to, thankfully, make a full recovery.

People reacted harshly to the horrific story on social media. “Again, why are we wasting tax dollars on these worthless idiots?” one reader asked. “Both deserve jail time with no parole and hard labor. No tv, college education, medical care or rehabilitation. Just not worth it. When the child is well enough, he should never have to be near these idiots again. Place him in a home where he will be loved and given the opportunities ever child deserves.”

“This infant can’t fight for it’s life, but these morons do this to this baby how disgusting and pathetic are you both,” another added. “Sterilize both of them never again to have children, how could any women allow this to happen to your infant. Women need to learn to stand up for your children not allowing men to control them all, if you can’t support your children and allow this to happen it’s far to late to change things you need to see thru these men.I have NO empathy for these type of men it’s all about them not the children or their wife or girlfriend what ever.Hopefully this baby recovers and taken away from both of them and adopted out and could bring joy to a couple that would love a baby and have a loving home please God allow this to happen.”

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