BAD NEWS for Texas Teacher Who Was Caught Having Daily Sex With Young Student [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

BAD NEWS for Texas Teacher Who Was Caught Having Daily Sex With Young Student [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

A Texan middle school teacher who is accused of having a long-term sexual relationship with a 13 year-old boy, just pleaded guilty in exchange for a cap of 30 years in prison vs. life. Alexandria Vera, 24, a former Aldine ISD teacher, accepted a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child, which has a maximum sentence of life in prison. She is also eligible for deferred adjudication probation, where if she fulfills a list of requirements by the court, she will not serve time at all.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there should also be some punishment for the boy here as well. And if it is true as this woman claims it is that the parents supported the illicit affair, they should be held accountable too. This woman had sex with that boy on a daily basis. “We’re very much hoping for deferred adjudication,” Vera’s attorney, Ricardo Rodriguez, said, according to the Houston Chronicle. I’ll bet and in today’s permissive climate, she may just get it. This is obscene.


From The Washington Post:

A Texas middle school teacher who was impregnated by a 13-year-old student could face up to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Alexandria Vera, who was arrested in June, told police that she fell in love with one of her students after the two began a relationship through Instagram messages. The 24-year-old former eighth-grade English teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston also said that the boy’s family was supportive of the affair.

Vera, who pleaded guilty on Wednesday, was initially charged with continuous sexual assault of a child, which carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. By pleading guilty to a lesser charge, her sentence was capped at 30 years, according to the Houston Chronicle.

She also is eligible for deferred adjudication, in which case she will be placed on probation and will have no felony on her record if she successfully completes the terms, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Vera told police that she met the boy during summer school in 2015. She said she initially resisted the boy’s advances until sometime last fall, when she agreed to hang out with her student. Gee, another teacher blaming it on the student. Who could’ve seen that coming?

She had sex with the boy constantly for nine months, until she got pregnant. She claims to love the boy and told the neighbors he was her brother. The boy’s parents knew of the relationship since October of last year and they accepted it, Vera told police. I am very skeptical over that claim.

A police investigation began earlier this year after the school principal received a tip about Vera. She told police that she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion after Child Protective Services questioned her about the relationship in February. She lied about that too. That seems to be what she excels at.

Bad news for this teacher as she may get decades behind bars. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she never serves anytime at all and takes up with the boy right where she left off once she gets out.







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