He Beat His 7 Month-Old Baby to Death… Gets a SWIFT Taste of BRUTAL KARMA!

He Beat His 7 Month-Old Baby to Death… Gets a SWIFT Taste of BRUTAL KARMA!

Prison is the home of some of the worst people to ever walk the planet, including murderers, arsonists, rapists, etc. One thing that DOESN’T seem to go over big there is any crime involving a child.

Daniel Wilson learned this the hard way.

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From AWM:

It is well known that prison is a place where very scary things can happen, but few know why such things happen, or the incidents that trigger such situations.

One thing is for certain though; in prisons, people who disrespect, mangle, murder, or harass women and children are the ones who are picked on the most and made fun of the most.

In fact, it is not uncommon to hear about somebody being beaten bloody just because of the nature of their sentence.

One man from Missouri may have had a feeling what was coming for him when he sentenced to prison for abusing and killing his 7 month old son.

Daniel Wilson was sentenced to life in prison after he was accused of killing his 7 month old son.

Wilson was placed into the Potosi Correctional Center in 2010, and had been doing so fine until he was placed into a cell with a man named Brandom Kulhanek, who just couldn’t believe what Wilson had done to his son.

Documents reported a “physical altercation” between the two men on October 14, 2015, when Kulhanek beat Wilson to death.

It is believed that Kulhanek’s primary motive for beating Wilson to death was so that was so that he could transfer to another facility due to how unhappy he was at the current one.

There was also a recorded conversation between Kulhanek and a woman on the phone, who is believed to be Wilson’s mother.  Kulhanek stated, “As soon as I get out of here, I’m beating the f— out of him,”

Wilson was rushed to the hospital right after he suffered the injuries, and suffered severe bleeding and impacts on his head and throat.  He later died from having a crushed larynx.

Many do feel some sort of sympathy for Wilson, however not everybody shares the same level of remorse due to what he did.

In the document that described Wilson’s crime, it detailed the fact that he beat his son Dawson in 2010, hit the baby on the head, and then fractured his skull.  After doing that, he dropped the boy onto a counter top, effectively killing him right then and there.

You may not believe in an-eye-for-an-eye but you have to admit, he had it coming.

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