The Black ISIS Flag Was At The Scene, But Was It ISIS?

The Black ISIS Flag Was At The Scene, But Was It ISIS?

A covetous woman paralyzed her love-rival with a stun gun before repeatedly slashing her to death in an ‘orgy of violence’, as described during the court trial.

A horrific murder on a poor innocent woman. Apparently the much younger murderer was attempting to frame ISIS for the gruesome crime.


From the Daily Mail:

Sarah Williams, 35, is accused of shooting businesswoman Sadie Hartley, 60, in the head with the weapon before slashing at the mother-of-two 40 times.

Prosecutors say Williams and her friend, Katrina Walsh, dreamt up ‘spy novel’ style methods for carrying out the ‘perfect murder’ during the 17 months they spent plotting the attack.

Williams then stabbed unsuspecting Ms Hartley to death when she opened the front door of her £500,000 home in the village of Helmshore, Lancashire in January this year.

Williams, who denies murder, had been seeing Ms Hartley’s partner Ian Johnston, 57, who was out of the country at the time of the attack.

He had ended the relationship with Williams after she became ‘possessive and difficult’, prosecutor John McDermott told the jury today.

The first day of the murder trial today heard:

– Diary entries by Walsh claim she and Williams were plotting ‘the perfect murder’.

– They considered planting an ISIS flag at the scene to throw investigators off the scent.

– They carried out a ‘test run’ of the killing in which they delivered flowers to the victim’s home. She said the delivery was ‘creepy’.

– The pair allegedly planted a tracking device on the victim’s partner’s car as part of their ‘spy novel’ methods.

Preston Crown Court heard that ‘obsessed’ Williams ‘set her mind’ to rekindle her relationship with Mr Johnston and saw Ms Hartley as an ‘obstacle’.

This is the kind of psycho that needs to be put down. I know I often say it in cases like this, but if you are this murderous and crazy, you have no worth. It’s a hell of a thing to judge, but I don’t coddle the mental murders like the rest of the world because they’re insane and ‘incapable of correct decisions’…a murderer is a murderer.

Off with their heads…

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