Black Lives Matter Activist Goes After Cop at Home & Gets Nasty Surprise

Black Lives Matter Activist Goes After Cop at Home & Gets Nasty Surprise

Things are getting more and more dangerous for police officers in America. With political race-hustlers like Barack Obama spewing rhetoric that is supportive of militant, virulently-racist and violent movements like Black Lives Matter, it’s no wonder why people feel emboldened in escalating their anti-police and anti-white actions. One man took it a step too far when he tracked down a police officer with whom he had argued and attempted to break into his home. Needless to say, the hoodlum did not get very far.


From BizPac Review:

After an online argument about the Black Lives Matter movement, a 20-year-old black man was shot dead by an off-duty police officer after the man broke into the officer’s St. Louis, Missouri-area home Sunday night.
Both the officer and the deceased knew one another, and when suspect identified as Tyler Gebhard, arrived at the officer’s home and rang the doorbell, the officer’s wife ran upstairs to hide with her children and mother.

The suspect then reportedly went to the rear entrance of the home and and gained entry by throwing a concrete planter threw the door, according to St. Louis station KMOV 4 News.

The suspect, who was pronounced dead at an area hospital, was reportedly suffering from emotional issues.

The officer is on paid administrative leave following the incident.

It is my sincerest hope that “paid administrative leave” is code for “well-deserved paid vacation” – because that is precisely what this officer deserves.

We ask police to do an impossible job and while there are the occasional bad apples, the vast majority of police officers work hard to keep this community safe.

We should feel free to denounce police policies, but we should all be willing to stand by the officers doing their jobs.

Black Lives Matter is nothing but a black supremacist movement dedicated to the promotion of anti-police rhetoric and violence against whites. Period.

Those that are dumb enough to take their quarrel with police to the homes of these officers would be wise to remember that such officers are armed and know how to use their firearms.

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