BREAKING: Chicago Has Surrendered – BEGS For Trump To Help Them

BREAKING: Chicago Has Surrendered – BEGS For Trump To Help Them

Chicago Police Board Chairwoman Lori Lightfoot was being interviewed by NPR last Friday when she admitted the city’s crime problem was beyond what the city could handle.


“We need to have more federal gun prosecutions in Chicago. Our federal partners from the U.S. attorney’s office, the ATF, the FBI need to be much more invested in this overall strategy. Chicago Police Department cannot tackle this issue by itself. This is not a problem that we’re going to arrest our way out of.”

Lightfoot’s words are no joke, with the windy city seeing 762 murders in 2016, making it the deadliest year in almost 20 years. Not to mention the recent previous years that have also plagued the city with violence.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the murder rate for the country’s 30 biggest cities was predicted to grow by 14 percent in 2016, according to the Brennan Center for Justice and it turned out that the killings in Chicago accounted for 43.7 percent — nearly half — of that whole increase.

Lightfoot also stated that she believed that Chicago was “in a state of crisis” and that it required “all hands on deck.”

Her statements come on the heels of the horror story that was four attackers who kidnapped and tortured a disabled teen for hours.


President-elect Donald Trump posted to social media that if Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn’t have the skills to solve the problem, he needs to ask the federal government for aid.

It would seem that Lightfoot’s remarks would agree with Donald Trump’s.

More government engagement is not likely to help Chicago out of the nightmare that it’s in, as Democrat gun control policies have endangered the citizens of that city, while at the same time emboldening criminals.

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