BREAKING: Watchdog Claims There Were 5K NON-CITIZENS Registered To VOTE In This State

There is a new report that has just been released, in it there is shocking evidence that there were more than 5,000 individuals that were found to be NON-U.S. citizens that were in fact registered to vote in Virginia.

The organization is pointing out that it was however unable to find any evidence that illegal registrations were ever prosecuted. Of course. The report itself is detailed in telling us how ineligible individuals were slowly discovered by local officials – most often only by accident. The applicant’s voter registration is not required to prove that they are in fact actual U.S. citizens in the state of Virginia, so there is no real recourse to locate such information except by accident. Unless…one was to actually investigate.

As it is right now the vast majority of the states are only requiring that people have to claim that they are a citizen during registration, but they do not have to prove it. However, when a claimed citizen indicates otherwise to a separate state agency, that is when removal procedures can begin.

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In the absence of regular data-sharing arrangements between federal officials and the Commonwealth, the ability of election officials to identify aliens on the voter rolls is almost nonexistent. The most that happens in Virginia is that an alien on the voter rolls will sometimes tell the state DMV they are not a citizen. Without those leads, counties and municipalities must accept false claims of citizenship on their face.

The authors also shared with this reporter examples of how some ineligible noncitizens admitted their immigration statuses at the outset, but were still registered to vote. Some illegal registrants lasted on the rolls for years–risking possible deportation–until they were discovered.

This entire ordeal is frustrating to no end. I honestly don’t really care who they voted for……I care about the integrity of our election process, which forbids non-citizens voting! Everything is not partisan — sometimes it is a matter of legal vs illegal.

It seems clear to me our laws need some overhauling and stronger enforcement. Laws should address the situations of the time and we have a situation where politicians only care about re-election and stuffing their own pockets, even if it means the detriment of our country. They refuse to enforce the current laws and consider it an insult to ask someone to prove citizenship in order to vote, so we need a new set of laws that address and enforce that.

However, with this post Obama America nonsense going on right now…he has left a far greater mess for Trump and Americans to clean up than could have ever been predicted. Our country is divided and as we all know… divided we fall.

So, what can we do? There is only one thing we can do…that will provide the way to do more. We can pray for our country, her President, her people and her heroes.

This mess that Obama and his kind have made is not one to be cleaned up by man. We need divine help to infuse us with the inspiration, motivation and healing power we need to bring our country back to where she belongs.

One nation under God.

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